Meet the Author


I am a new stay at home mom to boy/girl twins. Prior to becoming a twin mom, I worked in the public school system as a school counselor & educator. I have a passion for sharing stories of grace through the journey we call life. Additionally, I love home decor, and before & after projects. I live in Rhode Island with my husband, Mark, our infant twins Lydia & Corban, and two Jack Russell Terriers, Oscar and Bing. Yes, we do have our hands full!

Graceful Dwellings  is a platform where I share about the journeys of life and how God has shown grace along the way.

I hope to inspire women of all ages to consider the joy in struggles that come our way.  To be inspired in the midst of chaos and confusion. Whether it be in parenting, a home renovation that you weren’t expecting, the daily grind of keeping the house clean, or the life that wasn’t quite what you imagined it would be!

I can be contacted through the social media sites listed on the main page of Graceful Dwellings.

Thanks for reading! –  Kelly

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