Real life.

This a blog about real life. Prior today, I was very caught up in making sure my blog was polished. Honestly, I couldn’t live that way and it prevented me from writing.

Graceful Dwellings is not polished, because my life is not polished, and if you are honest with yourself, yours isn’t either. My posts may have typos, spelling or grammatical errors. I’m aware of that, and am o.k. with that.  The purpose of this blog is to write genuinely about life and how grace has carried me, my family, and others through good, bad and ugly. This may include but is not limited to parenting twins, family, friendship, Christianity, home decor, DIY projects and anything else that sparks my fancy. I wish I could guarantee a certain number of posts a day/week/month but that’s not feasible at this time. So until next time, I’d love to hear about any topics you’d like to hear me write about.


About Kelly

My purpose in life is to be here (wherever my feet may fall), as a mom of twins, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, counselor and a inspirational blogger.
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