Our First Home: Revealing the Living Room!

The number of updates in our first home’s living room were much more extensive than we imagined. I am so excited to share the reveal after sharing our first home woes. Don’t worry there is a happy ending!

If you are reading Inspiration Crate for the first time, two previous posts will give you the full story of our living room renovations.

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Construction continued on the foundation:

102_2635This chaos caused a mess in our yard. The constant large vehicles in and out of our property killed our lawn. But that was the least of our worries….


Thankfully the snow held off until the foundation was completed.

102_2634 102_2650

Meanwhile the inside of our living room looked like this:


During: Painting in process, “door to no where” closed, hearth and corn stove removed, wood floors installed.


During: New floor joists!

After: Someone made himself comfortable right in front of the fire, smart boy!

After: Someone made himself comfortable right in front of the fire, smart boy!

The Updates!

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Painted walls and ceiling
  • Trim/ crown molding
  • New windows including one larger window on the back wall.
  • Fan with lights
  • Pellet Stove









I absolutely love how this room turned out!

My dad does amazing woodwork, and the color scheme worked out very nicely. I decided on the color based on a small amount of green in the area rug. It is definitely my favorite room in this home. I love how the large window looks into the backyard and brings more light into the room.

We didn’t want to cover the large window with our furniture, so we ended up putting the couch in the middle of the room, which I was hesitant to try, but I ended up loving how it split up the room.












As you can see, we also added french doors to make a “mud room” entry that is separate from the living room. Originally it was an open space with some 70’s looking tile. We did this for many different reasons, the first being aesthetics, the second, function. This house was very drafty as many old houses are. We thought that the french doors near the entrance,would help keep some of the heat from our new stove inside the house! This space would be used as our primary entrance.

We took down the entertainment center and made it a breakfast bar. We chose to leave this space open to establish an open concept.


Entertainment center- Before.

Breakfast bar - After

Breakfast bar – After









I love how the breakfast bar added a bit more space for entertaining, and another place for seating. How do you feel about the open space concept in homes? Have you ever changed a wall to make a space feel more open?

The mud room was a fun addition. The mud room also added some functionality to the space too. We hung a shelf with hooks on it in that room for coats, and had a shoe rack on the floor for organizing shoes & boots. These were items we already had on hand that fit perfectly in this space. Sadly, no pictures of the organization.

Entry way during construction

Entry way during construction

After mud room

Entryway after “mud room”








I painted the entry way with Benjamin Moore paint in Guacamole, what a great color name! The wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall was not finished when we purchased it, (much cheaper that way) and we stained that to add some other color to the room. The tile was the most inexpensive tile we could find at Home Depot, and lucky for us, it was a small space. Overall this room didn’t cost much more to our renovations and probably saved us a bit in heating costs.

This was a HUGE project, that began with painting the ceiling and walls and installing hardwood floor. So how did it end up like this? Lots of sweat and tears. Nearly every time we turned around something else was going wrong in this part of the house, first, the foundation, then the duct work, then rotting around the windows. It was so exhausting to just hear of the problems. The finished product was certainly worth the energy.

Have you ever had a house that seemed like it was falling apart? Or maybe you live in a house like this now. What have you done to make it through the chaos? How did you maintain focus on the important tasks first instead of getting carried away in the details like we did?

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more upgrades in Our First Home.


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