Jars, Baskets and Crates, oh my!

I love organizing! That being said, we still have a lot of work to do in our home when it comes to organizing. Over the past two years in our house, my husband and I have been minimizing and de-cluttering. We moved a lot within a short amount of time prior to moving into this home. (A longer story for another day!) Since the last couple of moves happened quickly, we didn’t have a lot of time to minimize before we left.

Now that we have lived in our home for over two years (a miracle for us) we have begun to really dig into minimizing and organizing what we do have in a more aesthetic and practical way. This is when three of my favorite items come into play: Jars, baskets and crates!

After our wedding, we had a large number of Mason jars left over. Since we were moving immediately after our honeymoon, we gave most of the jars to our friends who wanted them. However, we kept a few for water glasses and the rest are used to store items around our home. These inexpensive glass jars have really helped keep everyday toiletries handy.  Here are a few ways I have used Mason jars to stay organized with everyday items.


Storing contacts in wide mouth mason jars.


Storing cotton balls & q-tips










Baskets can also be a great way to store items while adding some decor to a room.



I was so sick of boxes of k-cups and tea bags taking over the shelf where we keep our Keurig, so I found a basket to put them all in!











Crates have also been extremely handy to have around. I purchase the wooden crates at AC Moore or Michael’s craft stores and paint / stain them as I please.


This crate was originally a craft store wooden crate, stained for this look. As you can see, it’s not currently storing much!


This old crate stores board games in our basement “TV” room.

You can also find old wine or fruit crates at yard sales or antique shops. I think I found this one in my mom’s basement! I hope this post inspires you to organize some spaces with fun jars, baskets and crates! I’d love to see how you’ve used these ideas in your home.


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  1. I use mason jars for EVERYTHING, but have never thought of storing my contacts in there! SUCH a great idea!


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